What apps are you using in your mobiles phone.
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    I m using Imperihome to connect to my vera for my mobile phone currently. I m changing to iPhone soon. Anyone have any recommendation iPhone apps for vera?

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    @Alan-Quah HomeWave !! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/homewave/id545422004?mt=8
    just one real app to go with.

    its entirely different as the mainstream apps ..

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    @nullx8 Thanks, I m using it for my ipad... love it actually especially the part on its new widget system...

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    HomeWave is the better iOS app right now. Doesn't impress when you first download it, but looks very good after customisation...

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    How do you all find these apps, Imperihome and Homewave compare to the stock Vera IOS App?

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