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How do you all find these apps, Imperihome and Homewave compare to the stock Vera IOS App?

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Personally I also use the homebridge from
to enable HomeKit functionality together with habridge. This enables both "Alexa" and "Hey Siri"

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rather new to the Home automation scene, but heres some tips to get started.

  1. Choose a gateway or system you prefer ( Fibaro / Vera / Zipato / Aeonlabs ), based on UI and the smart home integration things you want.
  2. Plan your strategy, eg. what type of control do you want. Lights only, Dimmers, RGBW LEDs, Shutters etc
  3. Setup test bed for your home automation. Minimally you should be familiar with some home electrical wiring basics, how to connect wires and dealing with switches.
  4. Test functionality through the gateway.

For electrical wiring, I recommend reading this link to ensure your home is correctly wired to enable control of the lights
(for detailed wiring assistance)

(From the Domotics team themselves)

For eg, my setup ( currently incomplete but akan datang ) is as follows:
Vera Plus gateway
Fibaro Double Switch ( Gen 5 )
Aeonlabs 6-in-1 Sensor

Good luck!