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So far what i can find are things like 2-way mirror film for windows but they are mostly more like tint-ish rather then mirror like. Anyone else have any other suggestion.

I think one important thing would be a good software to drive the mirror

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@nullx8 Thanks, I m using it for my ipad... love it actually especially the part on its new widget system...

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I m using Imperihome to connect to my vera for my mobile phone currently. I m changing to iPhone soon. Anyone have any recommendation iPhone apps for vera?

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Hi friends,

let me first welcome you to this simple forums where we can discuss about home automation and share ideas how to make it better. This site is based in Singapore. It hope to increase the awareness of home automation in Singapore.

The forum is powered by mark down and the syntax can be found here.

For posting video, just provide the youtube link and the forum with automatically embed it. As for images, you can directly drag and drop or upload via your mobile phones.

If you have any question or feedback, can either share it in the subforum or just hit the chat button to talk to me.

Hope you will enjoy you stay!