Smart Mirror Project
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    This post is deleted!

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    So what do we need...
    Which bare monitor is the slimmest

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    @Kelvin-Chew find an old monitor, rip out the bezel. u can also use old laptop panel.

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    the glass in your reccource 1 is Unbelivable Clear ..
    arround here i found only dark'ish stuff ..

    yes it works perfectly even if put just mobile phone behind .. but the color is just not acceptable for a bathroom ..

    anyone has some sources for proper glass ??
    Screen Shot 2559-02-12 at 15.04.16.png
    picture shoe "real" mirror sample on top of a 1way mirror i found

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    So far what i can find are things like 2-way mirror film for windows but they are mostly more like tint-ish rather then mirror like. Anyone else have any other suggestion.

    I think one important thing would be a good software to drive the mirror

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    @Alex-Toh Screen Shot 2559-02-13 at 20.51.39.png
    out of luck as usual ..
    also kind of dodgy the pictures of the lamp .. make very little sense

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    Raspberry Pi has motion sensor Module? Good tat the mirror only activated when there is some1 in the toilet.

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